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I’m currently finishing my newest nonfiction book for young readers–The Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill: Growing Up Billy Cody in Bleeding Kansas.

Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill Cody

Billy Cody lived on a homestead in Kansas as a boy. In the years preceding the Civil War, his family was caught up in a violent six-year border war with Missouri over the issue of slavery.

When his father was killed by a pro-slaver, Billy, then eleven, stepped up to become the family breadwinner, riding the Pony Express, and working on wagon trains. Along the way he learned the skills of a scout, Indian fighter, and buffalo hunter. This brave boy went on to become a remarkable man, serving in the Civil War and then gaining world-wide fame as Buffalo Bill, founder of the Wild West show. Get ready for quite a ride!

The tech world and the publishing world continue to change, and I’m enjoying the challenges. When an in-person visit isn’t possible, I visit classrooms and libraries around the country via Skype and videoconferences. I’m also a regular contributor to the NonfictionMinute.com, writing short, interesting pieces about history.

This past year I produced the e-book version of Orphan Train Rider: One Boy’s True Story, and wrote author guides to my two orphan train books and to Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps, showing how they align with the Common Core State Standards. You can read about them in the Author Guides section.

Stay tuned for updates on other projects.

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